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The Doctor and Calvin in IT Support

This is a small bit of fan fiction written for a contest asking for stories about famous sci-fi characters or universes and how IT personal would deal with those interactions. This was the story I came up with. I didn't win but I sure did have a fun time with it.

Wardrobe on a Podcast
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Wardrobe on a Podcast: 

This song is the full version of the tune sung by Ms. Spooky Stories to Leu while barricaded in the Wardrobe during S02EP09 of The Writer's Wardrobe.

Incident at a Child's Birthday Party

A short film script adapted from an original play of the same name. 

The last time Lyle performed at a birthday party, things did not go according to plan. Months of physical therapy and a semi convincing wig later, his best friend and manager has talked him into another gig. What's the worst that could happen at a party for pre-schoolers? Lyle is about to find out...

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