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The Doctor* and Calvin


IT Support

By S. R. Jenkins

*The Doctor is owned by the BBC. This is a work of fan fiction and solely for fun. 

When Calvin received the ticket in his queue from "The Doctor," he thought Mark from accounting was messing around again.

Once the ticket was open, however, he knew it was a joke. The subject line read "Tardis having issues in back parking lot." 

He was trying to determine why Mark thought  a ticket for car issues fell under his purview when an update to the ticket came

through. "Please hurry. Heart about to explode."

 The only other member of the IT department, Dave, was home sick with the flu, which meant he was on his own. He could have

responded with a quick "not an IT issue," but honestly, he was curious how this was going to play out. Besides, a little exercise and air wouldn't kill him. "Be there in a moment," he typed and set off for the back parking lot.

The afternoon sun blazed in the sky. Calvin cursed his lack of sunglasses. Normally, a pair resided in his shirt pocket, but they

had gone missing last Friday. It was probably Dave. He was always taking things that didn’t belong to him.  Calvin held up his hand to shield his pale eyes from the harsh rays and searched for whoever was behind the odd ticket. 

Off to the side by the tree line, stood a big blue structure with the words "Police Box" emblazoned on the top. Smoke slowly

trickled out the open door, and strange looking fellow in a brown pin striped suit with sneakers on was coughing fitfully while holding a silver wand with blueish glowing tip.

The man looked up, saw Calvin, and rushed over. "Brilliant. I've had a bit of a hiccup with the Tardis. If you'll just follow me, I'll

show you what we need to do."

Calvin stood rooted to the spot. "I'm sorry?"

"Oh yes. I'm the Doctor. Nice to meet you. Now, allons y! We've not got much time before everything goes, ah, kaboom. Tick tock!"

Calvin watched as the strange fellow slipped back into the box. What the heck, he thought. The only thing waiting in his queue

were all of Sharon's password reset requests. Maybe he could help this guy out with whatever it was. He walked over, peeked inside and nearly fell over. "What the h-"

"Yes. Yes. Bigger on the inside. Can you come over here and hold this whatchamadoodle?" The Doctor held out a glowing tube

of liquid to him. Calvin took it.

"Now, I'm going to open this panel down here and I'll need you to plug this over there by the television screen and press that

big red button that says DO NOT TOUCH with the other hand. Then you'll need to knock this panel with the...the...well this thing right here," he said as he pointed to a contraption that looked like five or so C wrenches welded together.

Calvin moved into position on auto-pilot. He watched as The Doctor opened a panel. Golden light poured out and Calvin

shielded his eyes.

"Oh sorry. You might need these," he heard and felt something shoved on his face. He opened his eyes and found he could sort

of see again. 

The Doctor crawled into the light. Calvin could hear some banging and an “oof.” "PLUG THE STUFF IN AND PRESS THE

BUTTON," the doctor shouted. Calvin did as he was told as more banging erupted from under his feet. "KNOCK THE THING WITH THE THING." Calvin knocked the stuff the Doctor had pointed to with the glowing tube of light.


"Um, yes. The one with the caution bars?"

"THAT'S THE ONE. PUSH IT UP" Calvin pushed it up. The whole control room started shaking.

"PUSH IT BACK DOWN! PUSH IT DOWN!!!" Calvin pushed the lever back down. The shaking slowed and then stopped. The

Doctor crawled back out and put the panel back in place. "Well, I think she should be ok now. Flew one too many times around the Moons of Ansari."

"I'm sorry, the what?"

"Oh nevermind. Thank you for your help, ummmm" the Doctor held his hand out. Calvin stared at the Doctor’s outstretched

hand a moment before shaking it.


"Brilliant job, Calvin. Couldn’t have fixed the old girl without you. Do you think you'd be interested in helping me out for a bit?

I could use a decent technician to help with some upgrades."

"I'm not sure exactly what it is you do. I don’t think I’m qualified for--," he gestured around, "any of this."

"Nonsense! You handled yourself beautifully. Besides, I can have you back here to this exact moment and it'll be like you never

left. What do ya say? All of space and time and you've got a front row seat?"

Calvin knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that this man was insane, but the Doctor did submit a ticket so technically it was work

related. A small adventure. It might be fun. 

"You know what, Sharon can wait for the password resets. I'm in."

"I have no idea who that is, but brilliant!" The Doctor grinned and Calvin knew his resume would never be the same.

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