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Writing and Voice Acting

The Writer's Wardrobe S2E08: Guest Writer and Voice Actor.

Incident in the Wardrobe

Sarah drops in to visit Leu with disastrous consequences for all involved. Part 1 of 2.

The Writer's Wardrobe S2E09: Guest Writer and Voice Actor.

Siege of the Wardrobe

Sarah and Leu have been trapped in the wardrobe for a week with no signs of escape. Will Leu survive Sarah's constant musical theatre references or will he succumb to madness? Part 2 of 2.

The Writer's Wardrobe S2E23: Guest Writer and Voice Actor.

The Quest to Save Leu

Sarah and Judah go on a quest to raise Leu from the dead. With begrudging help from Webster the eldritch terror, will they be successful? 

The Writer's Wardrobe S2E24: Guest Voice Actor.


Did Ms. Spooky Stories' singing wake Leu from his untimely death? Will Leu let her and Judah inside or leave them on the other side of the door forever? Find out in this episode.

The Writer's Wardrobe S2E26: Guest Voice Actor.

Chaos as Usual

The events of the season come to a head as the City Watch invades Leu's house and pounce on their suspect, but things are not as they seem. Sarah and Judah have been waiting to see Leu for weeks, and Mily (Melody? Mel?) finally finds her way out of the woods. This is madness. This is the Writer's Wardrobe.

Players of Utica & The Theatre of the Great Puppeteer: Guest Voice Actor

Fearing: Feast Day

Noel, Gasper, and Mortimer prepare for Advent as each is plagued by unsettling dreams. Which is worse: the nightmares as the sleep or the ones they wake up to? Only time will tell and it's running out...

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