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Interviews & Appearances

The Buzz by WriteHive Jan 1, 2020:

Interview about River Valley Confidential, my writing process, podcasts, and more. 

This was an amazing first interview. I had a lot of fun and could not have asked for a better start to the interview process.

Ronin Uncensored Ep 7: 2/13/2020

Another Interview about River Valley Confidential. We also discussed the American foster care system as my experience working in it as a professional and as a foster mother.

Edit: Link is currently down. Not sure when or if it will be restored.

Dead Last Episode S1E12: Anthologies Volume 1: 6/11/2021

One of my favorite YouTube channels (Movie Timelines) invited me to participate in a panel discussing and ranking ten horror anthology movies. We had a lot of fun and a few surprises along the way. Recommended for horror fans.

Dead Last Episode S1E13: Dead Last Dead Last: 7/16/2021

I was invited back to Movie Timelines to discuss my ranking for Day of the Dead: Bloodline as part of the Dead Last Dead Last Season 1 finale. Check out the full video using the button link.

Recommended for horror fans.

Dead Last Episode S2E5: Ranking the Top 10 Vampire Films: 11/19/2021

Josh graciously invited me back to discuss the Top 10 Vampire Films as compiled by his YouTube audience. What made the cut and how did they rank? Watch the video by click the link button to find out.

Recommended for vampire and horror fans.

Dead Last Episode S2E10: The Dead Last Dead Last - Ranking the worst Films of the Year: 05/27/2022

Josh graciously invited me back to talk about Honeymoon during this cavalcade of bottom ranking films from Season 2 of Dead Last.

Recommended for horror fans and bad movie lovers.

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