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ROOTS is a prose anthology published by Kepler Production Studios. Coming July, 24 2021

ROOTS features the writing talents of Anna Bowman, S. R. Jenkins, Melody Kepler, Judah Lamey, and Leumas Llewtnac.


Something is wrong in the town of Hillcrest. Trouble comes to those that wander past the "Welcome" sign. In thirteen stories spanning the past, present, and future, five authors delve into the lives of those tied to its land and those unfortunate enough to stumble inside its borders.


OtherSide is a co-written and created for film and possible series with L. B. Roberts.


With a murderous monster out for her blood, wiccan psychiatrist C.J. Caldwell must harness her burgeoning majick powers before midnight on Samhain or she will die.


When a vicious monster breaks out of its cage during a storm, wiccan psychiatrist C.J. Caldwell is blissfully unaware. All she wants to do is make it through the next three weeks and celebrate the holiday alone in her flat. Unfortunately, she might not get to do that thanks to her pet patient, William, who keeps raving about the OtherSide and causing her boss, Chester, to saddle her with more and more work. As the monster hunts her down, C.J. searches for the truth in William’s ravings and finds the mysterious Lord Ravenwood. Thrust into William’s OtherSide, C.J. must harness her burgeoning majick powers if she wants to survive. All before midnight on Samhain.


Codename: Karma

Codename: Karma created by L. B. Roberts is a co-written project for television

All Cal Everett wanted was to play trumpet and build a life with his girlfriend Bella. Unfortunately, his old life as a member of a secret special ops team comes crashing back in when the infamous crime lord Max Kirkendahl returns to town.

As Cal is drawn back into a game of cat and mouse with the man who murdered his family, he must decide if revenge is worth more than the life he fought so hard to rebuild.

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