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[Carrying Cathy] was awesome and you all better listen to it and weep because I totally did.

Joshua Lee Ronin,
Ronin Radio

Hahaha! Yes! It is everything I hoped it would be and more!

[Referring to S02EP08 of The Writer's Wardrobe]

Glint of Mischief,
A Glint of Mischief Podcast

It was spectacular 

[Referring to S02EP09 of The Writer's Wardrobe]

Tova Opatrny,
Tova Writes Kissing Stories




S. R. Jenkins is a writer/actor residing in the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with her husband, daughter, and four cats. She has a BA in Theatre Arts from Birmingham-Southern College and an MFA in Playwriting from The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University.

S.R. is currently working on a scripted podcast, a horror anthology collaboration, and a co-written TV pilot.

Her acting talents can be heard on The Writer's Wardrobe Podcast, The Theatre of the Great Puppeteer, and Players of Utica audio dramas.


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